The Breakup Tape (avail. Valentines EVE 2013)

by Real Chop Clark



released February 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Real Chop Clark Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: real talk clark - She Hate Me

You used say my name/
Wit the Real Talk in it just to Praise my Game/
Talked sweet to me when I was round your way/
St James place 11238/
Now Im Outside yellin right in front yo house/ Tryna pologize to you but you wont come out/ Hit my number up to argue bout some dumb ass pout/ can't lie I think it's cuz you like to run yo mouth/ and I couldn't be the one to rise above your doubt/
Can't talk to you 'bout it from above your shouts/ Rik James Voice on a Ninja Fuck yo Couch/ and I ain't feelin like you feelin so it's Fuck your Pain/ Imma Thoroughbred Brotha I don play no games/ always around Girls I don't say those names/ I don't talk to them like you I don't know those Dames/ so get your finger out my face I don't know yo' shame
cuz (Unh)
Cuz (UNH!)

cuz She Hate Me/
But I Love Her/

(Unh) cuz I ain't Tryna treat you like Ike treat Tina/ last name Lawrence/
You Be Gina/
Ill be Brad Pitt n you could be Angelina/ (UNH) don't let the Bullshit come between us!


This is what part of the Game?
I don't like to fight but I'll go to war for your name/ Lace up the Timberlands pull the 4 out the jeans/ C4 to the door of the cause or the Pain/ Your Loss ... would prolly be the cause of my shame/ I don't talk about it much its that Dark in my Brain/
when I do talk all I get is more of the same/
it's like I only stick around for the Allure of the game//
and only shoe shoppin put a pause to the scowls/
Jimmy Choo seem to be the bigger cause of your smiles/
&Im good wit cuz I'm never bored wit ya style/
Besides I'm the type that figure it's important to style/
and there's somethin after that - it's important to say/
And if you could say that, it's important to stay/
&what you said that day it's important to make/
Yea I be talkin to them girls it ain't important we date but we Does!
But Guh...